Between Summer and Winter

My husband was cuddling me in bed the other morning telling me how much he loved this time of year. (Not me) He then went on to say there should be a word for this time of year, ‘you know, between summer and winter.’ I looked at him a bit confused and realised he wasn’t joking. At all.

I said ‘There is darling, and its called Autumn’. He replied ‘oh yeah’. Then tried to move on very quickly. Haha – I still think its very cute a few days later 🙂

Anyway ill just post a few photos of Autumn around the Eastern Suburbs.

A walk at Watson Bay.


A walk around Surrey Hills


Leaves on Queen Street Woolhara.


The Gap. I went walking with a friend and she’s never heard of The Gap Angel, Don Ritchie. It’s incredible the amount of safety barriers, cameras phones etc up there. I have actually been on the scene at an attempted suicide and it was truly violent, frightening and so so sad. I think any suicide that can be prevented by these measures is worthwhile.


We had a snackeroo at Watsons Bay Hotel.


And perused the cocktail menu for my upcoming birthday 🙂


The last few days have been lovely going for walks and pottering around the house. I changed lightbulbs, bought lavender to pot, cleaned out cupboards and caught up on phone calls. Bliss


Off to work for a few days then back to Toowoomba. Take care


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