A day off

Husband and I decided to take a weekend off and not renovate in Toowoomba. Physically the travel is very draining, drive to the staff car park, bus to the terminal, an hour and a half flight to Brisbane, then cab to the parents to borrow a car to drive the 1hr 45mins to get there. The whole process usually takes about 6hrs each way door to door. We have been going to work then traveling like this non stop for a couple of weeks at a time for about 4 months now and we both need a break. We are still in contact with our builders etc who are doing fences, driveways, flooring etc so there is not much we can physically do ourselves up there anyway.

Anzac Day I worked a night shift. Living so close to the Clovelly Hotel is great but when you have to work and you can hear the crowds playing two up its really hard to not feel a bit down.

Here’s me laying in bed listening to the crowds go off….


Husband went to a BBQ with MY work friends. He had a good time but I had major FOMO seeing everyone relaxing and having a good time while we had a horrendous night shift with poor little babies coming from everywhere.

The rest of the weekend was fantastic. I caught up on the Real Housewives of Melbourne, had Miss Chu, and today went to Bondi to spend my Aquabumps voucher.

Pulled over to snap this rainbow at Tamarama.


Bondi was looking very overcast..


I bought an Aquabumps print that I’ve been thinking over for a long time. Named Lone Swimmer it’s one of his most popular ones but I love it so much I thought Id just bite the bullet and not care that its probably hanging in every second house around the Eastern Beaches.


Lone Swimmer looks fantastic in the big prints do I would recommend buying the biggest one you can afford (which for me was the amount of my voucher!)

I hung it as soon as I got home I’m so chuffed with it.

Now I’m just waiting for dinner to cook which is some lamb cutlets, duck fat potatoes and green beans. I’m also nibbling on some Danish blue cheese and crackers while the husband folds the washing πŸ™‚ what a man!

Take care πŸ™‚


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