Catch ups

It has been a whirlwind these last couple of weeks. I smashed out about 9 shifts in 10 days so that I could get up to two weddings in Queensland, help my hubby renovate and not have to fly back and forth.

I flew up Friday arvo and met my school friends for catch ups at Mr and Mrs G RiverBar. It was lovely, having a few bottles of prosecco and an antipasto platter over looking the river. We ended up out until about 2am as we had to meet my besties new man and have a few drinks with him. We all get a bit carried away when we reunite.


Ooh.. I didn’t mention that my beautiful mother greeted me with flowers at the airport! I love my Mum so much.


We had the first wedding at South Bank, followed by a reception at Stokehouse. I ended up home in bed at 10pm which was a pity. I got a huge headache and felt as though a migraine was fast approaching. I had to make my excuses and leave. I made it home to bed just in time. Here are some photos of the wedding and her beautiful dress.



I caught up with all the girls again with all the partners and kids on Sunday. Two of my friends are having twins now. What luck! We had a lovely lunch at Beccofino before I raced off to kiss a few more friends babies. Brisbane put on a huge thunderstorm for me too which didn’t help much with my Brisbane pining as I love a good thunderstorm!


Monday, bright and early saw me driving up to Toowoomba to start some hardcore reno’s. The houses look amazing and we are just so proud.









We have finished painting the interior and exterior of the old house which is amazing. We’re just waiting the the tiler and the kitchen to go in, then the carport, fences and turf. Then I’ll add a few plants etc in too.

The new house is just waiting for the floors, the driveway, fences and turf. I made the controversial session of putting in vinyl ‘floorboards’ and carpet in the house. I do NOT like tiles in a house for the main flooring. I’m not against them in other people’s houses, each to their own, but they will not be appearing in any of my houses. Having said that, it will be interesting to see these vinyl floorboards once they are done.. I’m a little worried about them. The door I chose for the new house is shocking!! Hopefully ill get better as we do more houses.

We spent the week painting, sanding, fixing, driving to and from bunnings at least 12hrs/day. At night we lay in bed for about two seconds, bone tired before falling asleep. It was a very satisfying week. On Friday we drive to Byron Bay for our second wedding. We had an amazing weekend and the wedding was beautiful. We had so much fun in Byron and it was a good way to wrap up the week.






It was back to Eastern Suburbs for today. Hubby and I had lunch at Bondi before unpacking, grocery shopping, organising, and cleaning. We’re home for another 10days before we’re off to QLD again. I’m working most of Easter but I hope you all enjoy yourselves. Be SAFE and please spare a thought for those who are not as fortunate as us.. It must be hard for them on holidays.

Bondi – icebergs end.


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