A lovely little Monday

I am pooped. Today was my first day off since last Sunday and work is do busy at the moment I don’t see how I could possibly have days.

I’ve had a babe all week on High Frequency Ventilation, with Nitric, inotropes and extremely anxious parents. I had a win though, extubating the baby straight from High Frequency to Bubble Cpap with Nitric and who thrived. Last I checked he was still off the vent 36hrs later and weaning the PEEP. It was the first time I had extubated a baby off High Freqency and also only the second time our unit had administered nitric through the Bubble CPAP. To say it was a stressful extubation is an understatement… I had a group of doctors and nurses watching. I could even feel one of the Fellows breathing on my neck she was standing so close behind me… Talk about the pressure!

Soo.. This morning it was time for a restorative swim in my beloved Clovelly.


Aaaah…. So good.

I said hello to the dog of my dreams and creepily took a sneaky photo…


I love me a chocolate and white border collie. When I have one I know I will of made it in life!

I changed to Telstra for my phone contract.. Thank god. I finally have reception in my house.

I finished my latest book ‘Finding Ultra’ by Rich Roll. I found it very enjoyable to read and also extremely motivational. In a nutshell it’s about an overweight middle aged man who decides one day to change his lifestyle and becomes an exercising maniac… Here’s a pic.


I FaceTimed my sister who put me on with the chooks and the dog…
Yes, well, it’s been a lovely day and I’m exhuasted with a bit if my new favourite beef stir fry.



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