My old friend…

Hello, a big long abscence from me. life has been so busy with our renovations and work that I can barely see any other life than the flights interstate, driving the highway to Toowoomba, painting, sleeping poorly and then work. Ill do a post with some updates but cane on to write about my old friend insomnia that has hit me hard this past week. Coupled with a big ol dose of anxiety and a upper respiratory infection I’m not feeling too great. I thought if I talked about here, as boring as it may be it might put me back to sleep.

I downloaded some sleep apps to try out. they’re mostly hypnosis and meditation but I can’t stop my mind whirring long enough to hear what they’re telling me to do. And believe me… I really want someone to tell me what to do to go the hell to sleep!!!

My husband is away which sucks but lucky for him because I would normally wake him up to tell him I can’t sleep and that he can’t go back to sleep until I’m asleep. He usually says something sweet puts his hand on my head then turns over and falls back asleep snoring like a chainsaw. Bastard has no problems sleeping ever!!

Anywho, hit me with what you’ve got. By the way, this isn’t shift work insomnia, I haven’t worked nights for a few weeks 🙂 this is the real deal do I’d prefer not to medicate 🙂

Here is the view from where I am laying and staring into the wall.. Enjoy



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