My brother and sister have both rung in the last fortnight to share the news they are pregnant. This is my sisters first and my brothers 6th!

These will be my 13th and 14th nieces or nephews! I can’t believe it. I’m already starting to stress about Christmas and birthdays. I still think my sister will have one or two more and my sister in law hasn’t started but would like 4.. And I havnt had any children yet…. We might end up with that generation at the 20 mark!

It also got me thinking about the differences in families when it comes to gender of siblings. I’m so excited for my brother but I’ve always been in the background with his pregnancies, and the kids. I love his wife to bits but I’m very careful not to step on any toes and to maintain a respectable distance. With my sister, I ring her everyday and we laugh and cry together. She is very apprehensive as this was not a planned pregnancy. She is very happy and grateful but has had to do a lot of reconfiguring in terms of her headspace. She and her husband had planned to hold off for a few mor years while they saved money, travelled and advanced her career. She realizes that she is very blessed but is still a bit shocked. Me on the other hand… I’m so excited for her… maybe a little wistful, but definitely very excited.


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