One year

A couple of weeks ago it was one year since I married the best person in the world. The wedding was a very stressful day for him particularly because his Mum ended up in intensive care about 10am when she had a life threatening anaphylaxis. It was an utter relief when she was discharged about 2 hours before the ceremony. I may or may not of hit the champers hard when we found out she was coming…. Maybe too hard!

I love my husband but I also like him very, very much. He is so smart, so funny, so kind, so accomplished and just has the best personality going around. He makes me laugh, in fact, he makes me cry with laughter at least once a week. He buys me presents, takes me on holidays, provides me with a nice house, rubs my neck after night duty, cuddles me and looks after me. The biggest gift he gave me though is his unwavering love. I can always count on it and not question it.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t our issues. Sometimes he annoys the absolute shit out of me, we don’t see each other enough and I’m a cranky night duty monster but so far we have survived our first year relatively intact.

He knows about this blog but I don’t think he knows how to get to it.

But in case he does….. Love you sweetie. You mean the world to me.
P,s. I’ve rostered less night duties 🙂





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