We’re back after 7 days in queenstown New Zealand. It was fantastic and we’re both feeling very energized and ready to take life on witha bit more gusto. Interestingly, ol husbo came to the conclusion that we need to make more effort to spend time together whether I fly to spend time with him while he’s away or he stays at home when we have days off together. He’s a social butterfly and having moved interstate he’s always flying home to attend events. Being a couple that spends a lot of time apart I think he’s right in that we have to make sacrifices to make sure we do spend quality time together every week and that we don’t take each other for granted. How sweet.
We also have decided what to do in terms of where we’re going to live and it looks like we’re going to be seriously considering the Southern Highlands. (NB: this could change. We’re both known to dream and make sweeping statements then change our minds) In terms of a house we both want space and the capacity (financially and physically) to incorporate our style and lifestyle needs (wants)
He is from the country and wants our kids to grow up riding motorbikes, playing outside and enjoying the great outdoors. I want similar things but also want a nice, spacious house (vain?). We love Sydney but we can’t afford much more than a small terrace at the moment. We think we might as well seize the day and try out country living.
Anyway enough about all that. Here is some recaps of our time in Queenstown

We stayed at the Novatel Lakeside. It was pretty much in the middle of town (100m walk to the mall) it was very convenient and very pretty.

We skied two days. This is my forth time skiing and whilst I like the whole ski idea.. I’m actually quite terrified of going fast or pushing myself. I stay mainly to the green slopes and only ventured to the blue during the lesson we had on the first day. Ol husbo was up on the blue slopes before lunch on the first day(he’s skied once before….. PRick!) and was racing down the mountain like a pro.. Quite annoying. I tried out some jumps (baby jumps on beginner run) on the first day which was terrifying. Husbo thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen because I came off it going so fast I had to ski sideways across the run in front of about 20 people to stop. I got him back when he stacked it skiing backwards.. I had to stop because i was bent over laughing. Haha. We skied at both Coronet Peak and the Remarkables. Remarkables were awesome and I’d happily say that it’s the best ski park I’ve been to. Heaps of long beginner runs and even more blue runs. We’ve both said that while we live in Sydney we should try and get to the ‘slopes’ (do I sound like a pro?) for a few days at least once a year as they are so close at Jindabyne.

We went for a few day trips to Wanaka, Arrowtown and Glenorchy. So many pretty houses, towns…. And the landscape is breathtaking.

The bar/restaurant culture in Queenstown is not to be sniffed at. We were seriously impressed with every meal we ate from egg soliders, tapas, Japanese and modem Kiwi.

We have a new top 10 restaurant to add to the list which we ended up dining at twice it was so frigging good.

It’s called Botswana Butchery.

I ordered the same meals both times.
Spiced pear, Rocket, candied walnut and blue cheese side salad as a starter, then marbled rump with mushroom sauce and blue cheese sauce. The mister developed a taste for venison while we were there… He had a venison tartare, followed by angus marbled rump then a Atlantic sea scollop with a venison rack. For sides we had duck fat potato, bok choy and parsnip with walnut. He ordered a Flambé Alaska for dessert.

Ferg burger is a must! I’ve heard so much about it but it was my first try… It was as seriously as good as everyone makes it out to be. It’s worth the hype.

Some of the other highlights were, jet boating, reading books. We had a special movie day where we watched some movies (obviously) and just hung out and ordered room service.


Here is a crazy man having a swim in the 8 degrees water. He was in there for at least 20 minutes just sitting.

Can’t wait to back Mr VD has promised we could to the Milford track next year.


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