On the move…again!

Tomorrow I pick up the keys to our new digs. We have to move out of my beautiful house, a forced change that I am not taking very well. (that is an understatement….I am acting like a brat!) I just love the house so much and was happy to spend.. Well.. The rest of my life there. Unfortunately the owner agrees with me and wants it all to herself.l I do not blame her. My husband assures me that this is the last time we’ll be moving before we move into our ‘proper, grown up’ house. What a man!

However… All is not lost. We are moving 50m down the road closer to the beach! No more incidental exercise when I have to walk up the hill. We have ocean views and a outdoor area that looks out over a park and the beach. This might even work out better than anticipated.

I’m looking forward to an excuse to declutter and minimize our office space required. I’m just not looking forward to packing and lugging cartons of crap down the footpath. I’ll let you know how we go.

If you are around Clovelly this weekend and you see a cranky looking lady with a little red trolley moving bags along the street come, it might just be me! Stop and say hi xx


My husband and certainly do not resemble anything in this photo whilst we move.

P.s. did I mention my husband is away for the majority of the removal?


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