I have been working my absolute ring out to be able to come home for 10 days.
Of course, from the moment I arrived I have fallen in a heap with a cold which I’m certain is going into my chest. That’s what happens when you average sbout 4-5 hours of broken sleep a day when you cram about 13 night shifts in 18 days.

Still, I’d prefer being sick at home with my family than anywhere else in this world.

The reasons I’ve come to Brisbane is to:

Celebrate my best friends 30th. She had a party on Saturday night that was fab! It was held at a pub The Queens Arms Hotel in their cellar bar. It reminded me of Gordon’s Wine Bar in Westminster, London. It’s s bar in a building built over 400 years ago. When you’re in it you feel as though you can imagine The men sitting around drinking out of metal mugs, chewing on bones and women with big boobs in corsets sitting on their laps. My history is probably all wrong but that’s how I picture it and that’s what I’m sticking too!

The party was wonderful and because we have grown up together a lot of our friends are similar and our families are very connected. (did I also mention we grew up next door to each other? We also went to kindy, preschool, primary and school and university together. This move to Sydney has been one of the hardest times our friendship has endured!)

It was a great party with dancing, food, cake, speeches and catch ups. Not only are our group of girls tight but our respective husbands and boyfriends are also very good friends. I wish we could all get together more often. I love them all!

Here is a piccie of some of us in Vegas a couple of years ago. Cute!


I’m also up for my sister in laws wedding on Friday. She is marrying a Welsh guy and the wedding has been Timed with the British Lions Tour (of course). The wedding will be lots of fun and I’m so excited to see my sister in law. I’m also really excited to have a good night out with husbo and his family.

Help me because I don’t know what to wear and none of my outfits fit . (NB: must do something about that!)

Well.. I’m getting up, lots of exciting things to do today.


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