I have 11 nieces and nephews as well as plethora of adopted nieces and nephews. I’m at the age where a handful of my friends have kids and a shitload are pregnant.

I love buying presents for all the kids but have to rein in the budget as I have so many to buy for.

Today I went to Bondi Junction to do a little present buying.

When my friends have babies I always buy them these baby booties from RM Williams

They are a bit expensive but they are worth it. I’ve seen people mount them once the baby has out grown. I really think they are a great Australian keepsake and offer great sentimental value.


I bought my friend’s 3yr old these shoes from Seed. She has a cat called Perry that she adores so I hope she likes them. She once saw a cat being walked in a leash so has managed to convince her parents to buy a cat leash and start training the cat for walks to the park.


For my niece who turned 4 I sent her a package. She lives out in the country where they don’t have much besides target country so I try and send some funky clothes from ‘the big smoke’. These are all from Seed.





I went a little crazy at the shops the last couple of days for myself too. Need to reign it in!

I bought the ugliest blanket from Target for my husband as his feet are always cold watching tv after dinner at night. It’s electric and it’s a real treat!


I bought this jacket from Witchery with my birthday voucher. It was on sale too which was great. I find Witchery overpriced. I it the jacket in a taupe/grey colour.


And last of all I bought this diary from Kikki-k I’m running the Sydney City to Surf in 10 weeks and I need to motivate. Nothing like a pretty new piece of stationary to do that!



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