Toowoomba Reno

My lovely entrepreneurial husband is a bit of a go-getter and has decided the time has come to start renovating the cottage he bought a few years ago. It’s being rented at the moment but needs a bit of a freshen up and few repairs so we thought we might as well upgrade and kill two birds with one stone. I have been entrusted with….. the garden. My grand total of my budget is…. $0. (I think he was joking…. Kind of)

So here is the ‘before’ photo.


First things first…. that awful fence. I’m thinking something more ‘white picket’..

The following are just some nice pictures of white fences I snagged from pinterest. Some look Hamptonesque… I’m not suggesting the house is going to end up looking like these but it’s just to get an idea. We would have to get fence palings with no gaps in case renters have pets/small children.






I’ve been doing a bit if research and it turns out there’s a lot more thought and cost involved in this whole fence thing than I first thought.

See these bad boys…. I’d have to paint and assemble myself…. $2.30 a pop (per panel) from Bunnings.


I also looked around at eBay and other options and they are all a lot more expensive than I thought. Might have to get a few quotes or suggestions from the T’bar tomorrow as to how to proceed.

I could reasses the fence situation…. Paint it? No.. It really is too ugly to stay! I’ll keep updating the progress. After I’ve done with fencing…. I’ll be moving onto landscaping.


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