One of the girls from work lives near Picton on acreage. She invited us out to her place on Sunday to have a look-see then on to lunch at the most delightful place I’ve been to in forever!

The drive from the hospital is about an hour to her door. The weather was perfection…. A very sunny winters day. we loaded up with coffees and off we set!

We arrived and were offered tea, coffee and champagne! I didn’t take any photos of her house but it was beautiful. We took a walk around the ‘grounds’ to see her gardens, including veggie patch and got to meet her horse. She’s 26weeks pregnant so she hasn’t ridden him for a while. Her husband is away in Afghanistan so she’s out there with this big place all on her lonesome! She works full time and commutes everyday.. I came away seriously impressed with her obvious non-laziness! The house and garden were very well kept and tidy. Unfortunately for my husband she has reignited my want to move to the country!

We then drove to a winery/book shop/cafe/restaurant/ bar for a lunch by the name of BerkelouW Book Barn. It was seriously impressive. Being a book junkie I had to stop my heart racing when I walked in. The restaurant is set upon 1000’s of books of hundreds of different subject fields. I started walking around flinging books under my arm then decided that I needed to sit and think about my purchases. I ended up leaving with nothing but decided to take my dearly beloved back there for a date soon. I find if I shop when I feel like that I tend to blow my budget! (I went a bit crazy when i first moved to Sydney) The food was very tasty and it was a relief having travelled that far that it did not let us down.. In fact it was superb.

Here are some terrible photos of the book shop and grounds that I took on the way out. I think I’m going to be checking out wotif deals for the area soon….. Or maybe acceting my friend from work’s offer of a sleepover!






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