Birthday Fun.

My birthday was so much fun.

I woke to my husband shoving a present in my face. It was a box with a typed letter. The letter outlined a day in which I would have a ‘holistic approach to having my needs met’. Firstly we would go to breakfast at my favorite place The Grounds of Alexandria or at Bills to energize. Then revitalize my body by checking into a day spa at Bondi for half a day of pampering to repair my body from the damage of night duty. After the day spa we head to Westfield for some shopping to buy a new outfit. Then he included a voucher for Eckerley’s to buy some art supplies to ‘encourage artistic creativity. He also included a Pottery Barn voucher to ‘make our house a home’. Then off to Cafe Sydney for dinner. The letter itself was my favorite part, It was so sweet and thoughtful. I’m very lucky to have such a sweet carin man in my life.

I got so many lovely presents.

A Longchamps ‘Le Pliage’ from Mum and Dad as well as a toiletries bag.


I got an Aquabumps voucher which I’mexcited to buy my own picture. I’m thinking of maybe this one.


I also got several bottles of Mumm champagne and some beautiful Prosecco, flowers, and the yummiest lemon cheesecake.

I love flowers in my house!



Those brownies in that photo are the yummiest brownies I’ve ever had! No joking. They’re Adriano Zumbo
.. Packet mix. You can buy them in Woolies or Coles or online. Do it!

A friend from work got her Mum to knit me this cushion. Such a beautiful present. She also bought me a stone ‘canvas’ to paint then hang. She is very thoughtful.


After present opening, my bestie and I (she had flown down for the weekend) went for a walk to Bondi. We ended up popping into a few open homes along the way. It’s so interesting looking at peoples spaces. One lady had spell books and all sorts of witchcraft paraphernalia. Weirdo! We also walked past ‘The Block’ at Bondi.

We got home, had a quick champers, got ready and caught a cab to The Cruising Yacht Club at Rushcutters Bay. We met up with friends and had too much Presecco! We got home about 10pm and had cake! We then popped over to the Clovelly Hotel for a quick night cap. All in all it was a great night with great people. I wish birthdays came around more often.



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