It’s been a few days since I last wrote but to me it feels like weeks as so much has gone on. We jumped on a plane Friday morning in readiness for the weekend.

Friday saw me heading into Brisbane CBD to sort out a tuxedo for the man the next day. There had been a big stuff up with the wrong suit being delivered but we had to get by with what we were given. Dad and him headed to the local pub for a few rummies fri arvo then we headed to some dear friends for a few more and some presecco for the ladies.

Sat morning saw me at INK getting a long overdue hair cut and colour. I never knew I had grey hair until went brunette and now I’m obsessed with covering it. I love my new colour and the gloss they put through which I’ve never had before so I spent the rest of the day stroking it in the mirror admiring the shine. (it’s not often my hair looks good… Or done…)

Some of the girls came over to visit while I got ready. We’re all suppose o be going to Cabo for a girls trip in September. I’m not sure if I can go yet due to holidays, finances, house plans etc etc etc.

The wedding was amazing! It was so fun to get dressed up and attend such a formal wedding. The people watching was amazing as was the ‘fashion on the field’ (a little game a friend and I play at weddings).

Here is a photo taken at the beautiful Cathedral. They had an organists, a string trio and choir. It’s hard to describe the impact the service had on me. Its times like these I wish I had the gift of writing so to adequately portray the atmosphere. Outside it was raining, cloudy, and cold. The service was mostly sung by a choir which was breathtakingly beautiful but almost morose (gothic, macabre) at the same time. I had goosebumps off and on through the service as those voices stirred emotions that I still can not identify. I had tears in my eyes at one stage I think from feeling overwhelmed. It was truly moving…. That’s the take home message I’m trying to give you! (How cute is old ate with the baldy head in front)


I do not know the contact but was struck by the entrepreneurship of the little business that attended the wedding day. This young lady went to the couples home on the morning, pampered the dog, dressed him up in a tux, looked after him outside the cathedral, drove him to all the photos then took him home and made sure he was fed and watered. The bride was involved in working with an animal shelter years ago and rescued this little fella. He is frisky little dog and here he is all dressed up looking very handsome.


The reception was lots of fun. The flowers were devine as was the food. Lobster risotto anyone? The speeches were incredibly funny and all in all we had a great night. A highlight were the boys dancing to Single Ladies Beyonce style.

Sunday saw me having breakfast made by my Dad while Husband recovered in bed until 2.45pm. We then went and visited his Mum, picked my sister up from the airport then headed home to wait for my Mum to arrive home from trekking in Mustang, Nepal. Dad was very cute. He’d bought flowers and had spent the day furiously cleaning and stocking up the pantry with foods he though Mum would crave. We made a roast lamb with veggies and gravy. Yum! It was so lovely to see Mum as I haven’t seen her since Easter. Even tough we live interstate we chat a lot on the phone and I missed her presence even though I was so delighted for her o be doing what she loves most. We both have trekked in the Himalaya’s before but we are planning a trip together with my sister in the next couple of years. My husband is worried about what I’d do if I had a baby but it wouldnt worry me to take it along if I was lucky enough to have one. Here are a couple of cropped photos from my trip to the Himalayas back in 2006!

That is Mt Everest with all the snow blowing off the top on the left hand side. I’m at about 4000m alt. here. The highest we got was 5454m at Everest Base Camp.


This is still in the tree line. Beautiful weather.


Monday was my husbands birthday. We flew back to Sydney after a series of delays at the airport. I ran into an ex-patient at the airport which was a delight. I love seeing the little babies grow up nice and strong. We came home, made a beautiful lunch then had a big sleep. The presents that I had organized to pick up were not ready with one being completely forgotten to be started. Good customer service! We went to the Clovelly Hotel for dinner and a few drinks. I won more than $20 on the pokies which is a massive deal for me because I have never won on the them before. We came home watched a movie then went to bed.

We went for breaky this morning at The Grounds Of Alexandria. This is my absolute favorite place in Sydney for breakfast and lunch. It is just incredible. I take any visitors who visit here as it really showcases the ‘vibe’ of Sydney. I had the Breaky board which I have every time. I’m working myself up to the pancakes. I just would be so disappointed if they weren’t as good. Here is a visual of the Breakfast Board.


And here is the Breaky Burger


I picked up the present on the way home which he loved. What a stud!

I’ve got night duty tonight so am just about to drop off and have a sleep.

Hope your weekend was good too.


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