Winter days

It’s was such a beautiful winters day. I went out for a run and wanted to stop at Bronte and spend the day lazing in the sun.

Clovelly beach looked like a lake today.


Ran past Clovelly Bowls Club. These guys must love life!


Ran around to Tamarama… The most distant point you can see in this photo.


Ran back to Bronte for some people watching and a coffee with all my friends.


Saw a bit of sand jogging.


Which reminded me of this. Life Organic – Bondi Hipsters

I came home and did some high level cleaning and decluttering. My little garden out the back has flowers… I think they are camellias but everyone I’ve asked has disagreed.


Went to bondi junction to find Pottery Barn but got the shits and left in a huff as I do every time. The shopping centre is overwhelming for this Brisbane girl. I got Mum some cute bowls from Wheel and Barrow, some Persian nougat, and Almond Roca for Mothers day. I wanted to buy my love a little something to unwrap on his birthday on Monday but it was too late for that!

When I got home.. I was eyeing off this


I’m off to Brissie in the am for a wedding. We got a text message today indicating that we were on the ‘naughty’ table which will be lots of fun. I’ll let you know how my non-binge drinking weekend goes. P.s. I’m wearing this dress. Hope I look ok.



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