Today has been fab. Day 2 of 7 days off for annual leave.

I cleaned out my pantry AND storage area. Very soothing. Just have the rest of the house to tackle. Wish I had taken before and after photos.

I took bags of clothes to the Salvo’s that have been living in limbo land in the various storage areas we have lived in for years. If you live in the Bondi area there are heaps of quality and high end labels at the Salvo’s on 20 Spring St. It felt good giving good quality clothes but a bit sickening at the amount of money that had been shelled out for them over the years. Must purchase with more thought!

I went and sorted out 2 of the husbands birthday presents for Monday. The first one was a framed picture ‘Concrete Sunbakers’ by Eugene Tan of Aquabumps fame. It’s taken from a helicopter over Clovelly and is where we always set our belongings down when we jump in to noodle! (we pool noodle in Clovelly – swimming is passé)


I’m not 100% sure he will like it but I wanted to get him something he can keep and was personal. Another present I organized was to frame his first badges, epilette’s and wings from when he started in his airline job 6 years ago. Hopefully he will like it. I really wanted to get him a pug dog but they are so expensive and I think they are rather unattractive and suffer plethora of health issues. I think it’s also abit mean because we both do shift work. Maybe when I retire to have kids?

I went for a 4.5km run around Clovelly- Bronte at sunset. It was cool/cold to start with but I still wanted to strip off and throw my sweaty stinky body in the water at Clovelly. My knee was playing up so I didn’t run nearly as far as I would of liked. Here’s a photo I took on the way home at Waverley Cemetry.


For dinner I made Kale Chips which were not as good as I had hoped. I used baby kale instead of proper kale so maybe this also contributed to its downfall. I also need to lay off the oil was a bit greasy. I also grilled lamb cutlets and made Changs Crispy Noodle Salad. I served the lamb with lashings of mint jelly… Yum! For dessert I had 2 pieces of 85% Lindt chocolate. How bloody good is dark chocolate?!

Here is a photo I stole of the Kale Chips


It’s nice to have a week off work. I slept so soundly the last few days and am feeling a lot more in control of life! Its a bloody good feeling. Why oh why do we have to work! As much as I love my little babies at work I wish I didn’t have to ‘pop’ in so much to see them. Maybe just 2x12hr shifts a week? I’ll put it to the husband. I don’t think it will be a successful conversation.
Here’s a photo of the best time in my life (when I didn’t have to work) when we were on holiday for our honeymoon in NYC. In this photo I’m hungover heading to brunch near ‘the Plaza’ hotel with some of Husbo’s friends who were also staying in NYC at the same time. Good times!



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